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Scaling up key clients

How good is your key account program?

How effective are you at scaling up your key clients? What is your strategy for winning more work from people you already work with? How are you using your tech-stack to help you with this?

To help answer these questions, we are organising a free webinar, which is designed to be your critical checklist, for your key account management and client development program. Hosted by James Chaplin, CEO of Vacancysoft, and Matt Gallivan, Head of Sales of Job Adder, think of this as covering the key steps to success where we will be showcasing how best to:

  • Profile key accounts activity

  • Spotlight teams surging in hiring

  • Identify opportunities for growth

  • And more!!!

For businesses looking to grow, scaling up your key clients is a key aspect to achieving this. James and Matt the two co-hosts, both have over twenty years commercial experience and while with each of them, they have their own unique style, they will talk through the techniques they have honed over their careers, so you can quickly and easily scale up your key clients.

Along the way Vacancysoft will be offering a special free promotion for anyone attending, so if you feel this is relevant for you, register NOW!



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Scaling Up Key Clients