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Q1 Vacancysoft Recruitment Trends Update

After the slump of 2023, the signs are positive so far this year, as recruitment levels pick up. With interest rates forecast to come down and VC/PE funding increasing, interestingly, the technology sector has been one of the best performers in Q1. But what are the other surging markets? Where are jobs picking up the fastest? Also, which skills have become most in demand this year?

For the answers to these questions and more, please do attend our complimentary webinar on April 17, where we will be unpicking the Q1 recruitment market, outlined the key changes we have seen and give our perspective of segments to watch, how job functions are changing, along with spotlighting the businesses which have bucked the trend to be the busiest in their area.

For recruiters in the industry, being nimble and identifying the new skills emerging is key to competitive market position. Therefore, if you would like to join us, we invite you for a high level summary of the above, where we dissect 2023 in detail and look ahead to the coming year, to pinpoint what we think are the hotspots to watch.


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James Chaplin



James is the CEO of Vacancysoft. Vacancysoft is the UK's leading provider of labour market data and analytics. We provide high-grade lead generation, client intelligence and market analysis solutions for Britain's top recruitment industry firms and others. James is a Graduate of Manchester University, BA Economics, and has worked in the recruitment industry for over twenty years hence is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the latest market trends.

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