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Creating Your Products

Webinar: Creating Your Products - From Services to Scalable Products

Are you offering services? There's nothing wrong with offering services but if you want to sustain your business in the long-term, you need a strategic product portfolio. By developing products alongside your services, you can create extra revenue streams, free up your time and reach more customers.

Join this webinar to find out how you can start creating your products and go from services to scalable products.


Join Redbox Studio's Strategic Entrepreneurship Series!

What is this webinar series about?

This one-hour live webinar series is designed to offer insights and extracts from our signature Big Timer programme where we guide entrepreneurs to create smart and sustainable businesses based on their expertise and knowledge.

The free monthly series is taught by Nic Sim, the brains behind the innovative Big Timer programme and creator of the Big Timer entrepreneur game. Krista Goon will facilitate the webinars. 

Through this series, you will learn from a seasoned expert and the creator of the Big Timer game, gaining insights into pivotal aspects of entrepreneurship. 

Each month, the series will delve into critical topics providing you with actionable insights to grow your business.

Past webinars:
Webinar #1: Uncovering Your Business Story
Webinar #2: Defining Your Best Customers

Topics will not be repeated so make sure you sign up for the topic that you are interested in. 


The speakers

This event will be powered by some great professionals

Nic Sim


Redbox Studio

Nic started Redbox Studio in 1998 and for the past 25 years, he has helped clients grow their sales using websites. Besides web development, he is excellent at teaching and training business strategy and marketing strategy. Nic teaches his brand of marketing based on his One Mountain One Dragon framework as well as through Big Timer, a business game he invented. He is also the author of Web Wisdom: The Definitive Guide To Getting Customers With Your Website Even if They're 10,000 Km Away.

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You can look forward to the following topics.


1:00 PM - 1:10 PM

10 minutes

We start with a quick introduction all around with all participants. This is the time to introduce your business to us.

Webinar Topic Sharing

1:10 PM - 1:35 PM

25 minutes

Nic elaborates and teaches the topic and concept for 25 minutes, providing in-depth information, case studies and examples.

Q&A and Discussion

1:35 PM - 1:55 PM

20 minutes

We open up to everyone to share their thoughts about this topic. Your experience and knowledge matter. Or you may want to clarify some ideas. Everyone is welcome to speak.

Final Thoughts & Wrap-Up

1:55 PM - 2:00 PM

5 minutes

What's your final thought? What made sense to you? How will you use this idea in your business? What actions will you take?