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1 hour

Weight Loss Intro Session

Registration is limited to 12 people, so grab your spot now!

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard, and it can also be a lot of fun with the right support! In this intro session, hypnotic coach Marian Spurgeon will cover the basics, have a group hypnotic experience, and go over options for programs to meet your weight loss needs. A special during-session-only offer will be made during this session, so be ready!



You can look forward to the following topics.

Welcome and Introduction

8:00 PM - 8:10 PM

10 minutes

  • Welcome and Marian's story: why weight loss

  • Why this program is different than even most hypnosis for weight loss programs

  • Marian's credentials and success stories

The Power of Hypnosis for Weight Loss

8:10 PM - 8:30 PM

20 minutes

  • Understanding hypnosis: Dispelling myths and misconceptions

  • The mind-body connection and the role of the subconscious

  • Benefits of hypnosis for weight loss (motivation, self-control, mindset)

  • Success stories and case studies (real-life examples)

Interactive Exercise: Exploring Motivations and Obstacles

8:30 PM - 8:45 PM

15 minutes

  • Guided visualization: Connecting with personal weight loss motivations

  • Group discussion: Sharing motivations and obstacles

  • Strategies for overcoming common obstacles (emotional eating, lack of support, etc.)

Hypnosis Demonstration

8:45 PM - 9:00 PM

15 minutes

  • Brief explanation of the hypnosis process

  • Guided relaxation and induction

  • Suggestions for increased motivation, self-control, and positive mindset

  • Discussion of the hypnosis experience

Program Offer Presentation

9:00 PM - 9:15 PM

15 minutes

  • Introduction to the comprehensive 8-week hypnosis for weight loss program

  • Overview of the program structure and key components

  • Benefits and expected outcomes

  • Investment, (payment plans available)

  • Limited-time bonuses

  • Call to action: Registration and next steps

Q&A And Closing

  • Addressing questions and comments

  • Final thoughts and encouragement

  • Thank you and invitation to explore the program further