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Hardwired for Stories

People don’t remember facts, benefits or features. What they do remember is the story and how it made them feel.

Everyone loves a story. We are hardwired for it. Whether you’re putting your kids to bed and telling them a story, sitting around the dinner table talking about the adventures of the day, or watching a movie, or selling a product, our lives revolve around stories.

The best stories excite our emotions and provide us with a connection to the storyteller, the environment, or the group listening to the story.

Whether you want to share how and why the company was started, or you want to launch a new product line, entertain your clients, pull your team together, educate the marketplace or just make a connection, a well-crafted story will help you do that, because we are hardwired for stories. From the earliest days of oral tradition, knowledge and lore was passed down verbally, and the love of listening to a story is still with us.

It doesn’t matter which communication platform you chose to use when sharing your story, as the only restriction is your imagination.

We will be looking at:

 the benefits of storytelling

 the types of stories you can use, and

 brainstorm different places you can find stories.

Be sure to bring pen and paper so you can start making notes as story ideas start popping up.

Guest Speaker: Michelle Spear first started working with newcomer women to Canada, helping them stand confidently in front of groups speaking of their experiences. Working with them,

she quickly discovered that it was the sharing of stories of love, loss, pain, abuse and persecution, that brought healing and connection. Giving them a platform and helping them develop their story started a wave of change in their lives as many became political advocates who now regularly address concerns that are faced locally and internationally.

As some of the women started entering the workplace, Michelle helped them develop their stories that would address the lack of “Canadian experience” in job interviews.

Answering the questions with stories that provided concrete examples illustrating the skills required for that job sprang from many sources outside of the workplace. Hiring teams remembered the responses and often hired based on those stories - because stories stick.

Michelle is an independent consultant who helps people find their story and then develop it. Whether it’s for advocacy, confidence-building, networking, business launches or making connections, Michelle believes in the power of story, because we are hardwired for it.

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Our host: Emanuel Petrescu is a Toronto SEO consultant. He’s passionate about helping businesses enhance their reputation and online footprint. Emanuel has substantial experience managing websites and developing and implementing SEO strategies. His area of expertise lies in SEO Audits, a subject on which he has developed a comprehensive educational course.

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