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2 hours

All About Audiobooks: Audible, Spotify, Chirp and more. How to work with narrators. What is the new tech that will change the industry. Resources: Tools you need, or at least need to know about in the future

All About Audiobooks

  • Audible, Spotify, Chirp and more.

  • Narrators, how to work with us.

  • Future Tech, what's going on in the industry (there is lots!).

  • Resources for you: Materials you can refer back to, YOURS TO KEEP!

  • Q & A. Everyone can talk, comment, all they want (or you can just lurk and listen).

You'll learn how to use the Audiobook Retailers, how to get your book into Audio and into your fans ears. Every Step from Audible to Spotify, in depth with support materials you can keep!


The speakers

This event will be powered by some great professionals

Anita Learned

Gunnar Qualen

Narrator, GQandJenna.com

Jenna St. Claire