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1 hour 30 minutes

Engaging Youth to Reimagine Data Use for Access to Services

The Project

The Data Tank, in collaboration with Fondation Botnar, is launching our new project "Engaging youth to reimagine data use for access to service". The project seeks to create social licenses for reuse of data, setup youth assemblies, improve youth agency and develop new approaches to self-determination for youth in the target age group (19-24 years).

The Workshop

We seek your input as experts in the field to operationalize the premises regarding access to services and data, identify use cases and solicit possible areas of collaboration. The workshop will be conducted remotely with thought leaders in the field.

Why attend?

This workshop offers a unique platform to connect with like-minded thought leaders, passionate youth advocates, and organizations committed to making a difference. By sharing your experiences and knowledge, you can inspire young minds and help shape the future of data- driven service access.