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SEO & Digital Marketing in the A.I. Era - Q&A

SEO & Digital Marketing in the A.I. Era - Q&A

Many think that the SEO is really about to die because of the AI and the generative results we started seeing from Google. Our guest has put together a series of answers for the most common questions and some best practices to ensure you're on top of your SEO game - regardless of the updates that are happening around you.

Emanuel P, SEO & digital marketing consultant from Toronto with more than 10 years of experience in helping businesses bring more revenue through their digital marketing channels (paid, search, social, email, etc.) - and founder of How About Some Marketing? - a hub for business owners or agency people who work with business owners to step up their marketing game.

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About How About Some Marketing?

We help small to medium-sized businesses to become big businesses through education coaching and mindset reframing. 'How About Some Marketing?' is the go-to hub for straightforward, no-nonsense marketing guidance. We focus on clear, actionable strategies and resources designed for the everyday needs of small to medium-sized businesses. No jargon, no overly complicated tactics — just effective marketing insights that you can apply directly to your business for real results.

How About Some Marketing? simplifies digital marketing for business owners and digital marketers so that they can understand and use the most appropriate channel for their business.


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